Branch of Badia

welcome to Alnomais Medical Group – Badia Branch

AlNOMAIS Medical – Abha – Al Badi – in front of Teachers College Phone: 0172253555

Dental Clinic

Renders the following services:

Early detection of orthodontic problems.

Prosthodontics (Permanent fixture of teeth)

Cutting the nerves of the teeth

Dental whitening

Pediatric dentistry

Aesthetic fillings


Dental implant

Maxillo facial surgery



Examining the development of new born baby’s senses(hearing, seeing..etc.)

Child’s nutrition and weight programs

Intensive care unit (ICU) for children with dehydration and gastroenteritis

Giving advice in case of genetic diseases

Follow-up programs for new born babies

Clinic children

Taking weight and temperature and adequate to talk with the patient about the disease symptoms and history of patients followed by clinical detection

 Examination of all cases of children and all children’s fevers and diseases treatment of diseases of the urinary tract and cases of bedwetting

Follow-up mental and physical growth of the child , especially in the first years of life

Work necessary tests rays and lab analysis

Chest diagnosis of allergic diseases and asthma , Alsakba and treatment with modern treatment

Provide all the necessary vaccinations for children

Obstetrics and gynecology

Pregnancy follow-up

Listening to the fetus

ECG for the fetus

Early detection of fetal abnormalities

Treatment of recurrent miscarriage

Treatment of infertility

Providing fertilization aids

Early detection of tumors

Ovulation follow-up utilizing the latest scientific technology

Periodic check-up for women at the age of maturity

Treatment of physical marital problems for women

Treatment of uracratia

Treatment of osteopsathyrosis

Internal Medicine Clinic

Internal Medicine Clinic

Internal Medicine and Geriatrics (diseases of the elderly)
This department renders the following services

Diagnosis of chest diseases: smoking related diseases and allergy

Diagnosis of heart, liver and kidney diseases

Diagnosis of the digestive system diseases

Diagnosis of diabetic diseases, glands and blood sugar control

Treating any defect in the fat of the blood due to diabetes

Treatment of rheumatic diseases

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies that deal with Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG) are as follows

AKSA for Insurance

Al-Ta’winyah Insurance Company

MEDGULF Insurance Company

GLOBEMED for Insurance Claims Management

Gulf secured for Insurance

MEDNET for Insurance

Commercial secured Insurance Company

FALCON for insurance

BUPA Insurance Company

MALATH Insurance Company

Saudi NEXT CARE Company for Insurance Claim Management

Saudi TOTAL CARE Company For Insurance Claim Management

A Message to at Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG)Patients Who Are on Insurance:

Kindly bring your valid Insurance Card as well as a valid Identification Card whenever you visit Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG)

Patients who have a valid insurance card can get the following medical services at Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG)



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