Pharmacies Alnomais

In a clinic medical and pharmacies Anumeis a working group of qualified pharmacists to patient care and supervision of all areas of drug use , and provide the following services

Ensure the appropriate cost of medicines

to provide advisory services for medicine , nutrition and other areas of medicine

to monitor the effectiveness of the drug and the extent of toxicity

solidarity with other health care practitioners to improve the care and maintenance of resources

To provide the best types of medication

Provide information modern pharmacological and clinical

Always seek management pharmacy services to help patients group clinics and pharmacies Anumeis medical to get the products and services that they can not get it in other places, and make more effort to improve medical care for the patient through good use and provide adequate explanation for ways to use drugs

Pharmacy Anumeis – Abha – Al – Samer

Tel: 0172262478

Pharmacy Anumeis – Abha – Pudong Airport

Tel: 0172272982

Pharmacy Anumeis – Khamis – Al-Aziziya

Tel: 0172214712

Pharmacy Anumeis – Wadi bin Hishbl – dispensary Anumeis

Tel: 0172641613

Pharmacy Anumeis – Abha – Al waterfall

Tel: 0172282255

Pharmacy Anumeis – Khamis – District alrona

Tel: 0172503732

Pharmacy Anumeis – Khamis – neighborhood Chaabaah

Tel: 0172351234

Pharmacy Anumeis – Abha – Al Badi

Tel: 0172277919

Pharmacy Anumeis – Khamis – neighborhood Rawdah

Tel: 0172370376

Pharmacy Anumeis – Khamis – Al Hussam

Tel: 0172209392

Pharmacy Anumeis – Abha – district staff

Tel: 0172275522

Pharmacy Anumeis – Khamis – Palm the neighborhood

Tel: 0172375040

Pharmacy Anumeis – Khamis – 1 scheme

Tel: 0172225293

Pharmacy Anumeis – Wadi bin Hishbl – neighborhood Arigh

Tel: 0172641093

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