Muzafeen Branch

Al-Nomais Polyclinic Muzafeen Branch

Clinic Anumeis of the medical group

Clinic Anumeis the medical – Abha – district staff – Main Street

Tel: 0172272193

Dental Clinic

Renders the following services:

Early detection of orthodontic problems.
Prosthodontics (Permanent fixture of teeth)
Cutting the nerves of the teeth
Dental whitening
Pediatric dentistry
Aesthetic fillings
Dental implant
Maxillo facial surgery
Removing tartar
Panorama-Rays in one film
Fluoridation of the teeth
Vitaleom Apparatus
This department renders the following medical services
Examining the development of new born baby’s senses(hearing, seeing..etc.)
Child’s nutrition and weight programs
Intensive care unit (ICU) for children with dehydration and gastroenteritis
Children’s Chest Allergy
Taking care of handicapped children
Taking care of children with spasticity
Giving advice in case of genetic diseases
Follow-up programs for new born babies

Obstetrics and gynecology

This department renders the following services

Pregnancy follow-up

Listening to the fetus

ECG for the fetus

Early detection of fetal abnormalities

Treatment of recurrent miscarriage

Treatment of infertility

Providing fertilization aids

Early detection of tumors

Ovulation follow-up utilizing the latest scientific technology

Periodic check-up for women at the age of maturity

Treatment of physical marital problems for women

Treatment of uracratia

Treatment of osteopsathyrosis

Minimizing the risk of cancer by early detection

All kinds of contraception

Pre-marriage examination

The required lab analysis for couple who intends to get married

Treatment of hormonal disorders


This department renders the following medical services

High-tech equipment for laser hair removal

Treatment of acne

Lightening dark skin

Chemical skin peeling

Treatment of wrinkles and lax skin


Meso-therapy and Botox injection

Treatment of hair loss and baldness utilizing state of art apparatus

Skin resurfacing

Treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo

ear , nose and throat

This department renders the following medical services

Treatment of sore throat, tonsils and fever

Treatment of throat and larynx allergy

Treatment of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis

Treatment of sinusitis

Treatment of chronic headaches

Treatment of nose bleeding (epistaxis)

Treatment of acute and chronic ear infection

Treatment of ear drums perforation

Ear wash

Treatment of vertigo and dizziness

Incurance Companies

Insurance Companies at Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG)

Insurance companies that deal with Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG) are as follows

AKSA for Insurance

Al-Ta’winyah Insurance Company

MEDGULF Insurance Company

GLOBEMED for Insurance Claims Management

Gulf secured for Insurance

MEDNET for Insurance

Commercial secured Insurance Company

FALCON for insurance

BUPA Insurance Company

MALATH Insurance Company

Saudi NEXT CARE Company for Insurance Claim Management

Saudi TOTAL CARE Company For Insurance Claim Management

A Message to at Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG)Patients Who Are on Insurance:

Kindly bring your valid Insurance Card as well as a valid Identification Card whenever you visit Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG)

Patients who have a valid insurance card can get the following medical services at Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG)

They can receive Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG) medical services round the clock and all over the week

Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG) has consultants and specialists in all medical fields.

To guarantee prompt and proper medical services, Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG) has special receptionist for patients who are on medical insurance

To the Insurance Companies at Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG)

Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG) Clinics and Pharmacies have gained good business and medical reputation in the region due to its dedicated and professional medical and administrative staff. All Insurance Companies intending to deal with Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG) must have a license from the Cooperative Medical Insurance Council

How do Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG) Clinics and Pharmacies Render their Medical Insurance Services

Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG) provides its medical insurance services for the patients via the following ways

The insurance companies operating in the region like the ones mentioned above

Some private companies prefer to directly sign a medical insurance contract for their employees and their families with Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG), like ARAMCO and SAUDI AIRLINES

Some people prefer to sign personal medical insurance contract with Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG) for themselves and their families

Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG) give discounts for humane and charity groups operating in the region
Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG) also render its medical insurance services for some government agencies
Al-Nomais Medical Group(AMG) can provide “Total Cost Medical Insurance Services” which is good for major operations

Clinic children

Routine medical examination , which includes

Taking weight and temperature and adequate to talk with the patient about the disease symptoms and history of patients followed by clinical detection

Examination of all cases of children and all children’s fevers and diseases treatment of diseases of the urinary tract and cases of bedwetting

Follow-up mental and physical growth of the child , especially in the first years of life

Work necessary tests rays and lab analysis

Chest diagnosis of allergic diseases and asthma , Alsakba and treatment with modern treatment

Provide all the necessary vaccinations for children

Rating usury cases of heart attacks through the use of device for measuring oxygen in the blood provides device ( Nebulizer ) for the treatment of asthma in children

Treatment of anemia and anemia

Periodic disclosure on newborns and growth monitoring in different age stages monitor any delay in growth or appearance of any hereditary diseases in children.

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases , respiratory and digestive tract , including acute and chronic

Diagnosis and treatment of gastroenteritis and dehydration

Periodic disclosure on school-age children and the work of the necessary tests them and provide vaccinations and diagnose any disease by revealing the league

Internal Medicine Clinic

Internal Medicine and Geriatrics (diseases of the elderly)
This department renders the following services

Diagnosis of chest diseases: smoking related diseases and allergy

Diagnosis of heart, liver and kidney diseases

Diagnosis of the digestive system diseases

Diagnosis of diabetic diseases, glands and blood sugar control

Treating any defect in the fat of the blood due to diabetes

Treatment of rheumatic diseases

Treatment of cerebral, nerves and brain clots diseases

Monitoring blood pressure

Comprehensive medical check-up

Advising patient to the most appropriate treatments in internal medicine

Monitoring sick elderly people both at home and at clinics

Regular evaluation for the treatment of diabetes in order to avoid complications on other body organs such as the kidney and the heart


AMG) professional and qualified consultant orthopaedicians render the following medical services

Bone surgery for both inpatient and outpatient

Treatment and rehabilitation

Endoscopic surgery

Preventive amputation surgery in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation

Ligament replacement surgery

Ligament both major and minor surgery

Foot and joint care

Sports therapy

Limbs extending surgery

Pediatric orthopedics

Treatment of bruises

Skin and beauty clinic

Diagnosis and treatment of all diseases of the skin

Laser hair removal and the latest equipment

Wart removal and skin appendages , birthmarks specialist device fatty remove wrinkles and scars the process of ( collagen packaging )

Special section Mesotherapy skin care and hair loss treatment , dark spots and melt the fat freshness of the skin , such as hair care treatment of alopecia and hair loss

Treat and remove skin pigmentation and freckles

Treatment of acne scars peeling and remove the black spots from the face and body using fruit acids peels , chemical peels or crystal peeling machine

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