Established in 1976 and started its activities by providing real estate services which after, in the year of 1996, began to provide medical services through the company’s Al-Nomais Medical Group, which complies with the Sibahi program. Afterwards, the company’s activities expanded to the industrial field through Hamomah factories for the production of blocks and concrete, then after getting investments, the company made its way to the medical field through a warehouse of medications and medical supplies that feed Al-Nomais pharmacies of the company, as well as the pharmaceutical market in general. The company has invested in improving medical services through modern medical laboratories and radiology departments to reach a distinguished dental lab in Asir region. As an expansion of the medical investments, the company became the first in the country of Saudi Arabia to provide home care services and has invested in even more the medical field, such as in optics, medical supplies and medical equipments. The company has scaled up in the aspect of real estate activities by contracting with the Ministry of Housing, as well as getting approved by it to be among the companies approved by the ministry. In the year of 2015, the company launched its first hotel project which goes with the name of Gorash Hotel in Khamis Mushait in the region of Asir in Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, Gorash residential units was launched in Wadi Bin Hashbal, followed by Gorash Resort in Riyadh and soon, a countryside themed Gorash resort in Asir that is aimed and made in the effort of keeping up with the Kingdom’s vision 2023 in the tourism field.